I think we’ve been hacked

As more and more men’s past acts of sexual harassment come to light, while at the same time a percentage of people still seem committed to ignoring some of the transgressions – like Roy Moore and the current President of the United States* – I’m starting to wonder if it’s a conspiracy or maybe another Russian hack job.

I mean – not to excuse any of the bastards but seems like it could be a set up, based on the notion that liberal serial sexual abusers will get treated worse than their more conservative Republican counterparts.

I’ve taken my part in the me-too’s. But is it starting to get to be too much?

Am I being over sensitive, because today’s awful headlines were the repeal of Net Neutrality – wonder what that’s gonna do to my AT&T bill – and this little article about how the policy writing power of the State Superintendent of Schools is being challenged, because he’s one of the last liberals still in office and he’s running for governor?

Not to mention a giant oil spill on another pipeline as the XL pipeline goes through, and Paul Ryan’s awful tax bill passes the House.

I’m starting to feel like everything progressive that’s been instituted since the ’60s & ’70s is going away. It’ll be like my mom used to say, “oh you long-haired kids didn’t get your revolution, but you made it ok for an old lady to wear trousers everywhere.” Although I dunno mom – given some of the really ugly attitudes towards women recently, especially towards those in pants suits, even that might be taken away.

I got no pics for this one.

*who just defended, or appeared to defend, Moore.