I think we’ve been hacked

As more and more men’s past acts of sexual harassment come to light, while at the same time a percentage of people still seem committed to ignoring some of the transgressions – like Roy Moore and the current President of the United States* – I’m starting to wonder if it’s a conspiracy or maybe another … [Read more…]

Al the blog posts that might have been

This morning when I was walking, I was thinking about all those posts I haven’t written the last few weeks. There was the one about the various home repairs we’ve had recently – finally got the swale dug, so maybe the basement won’t leak. I think I might have to get the landscaper to come … [Read more…]

Pork, raised by Jews, for Jews

A few years ago, our friends the Waismans bought a farm that’s only about 20 minutes from downtown Madison. There, they raise asparagus and pigs and chickens and goats, not to mention also their three kids. David Waisman and I like to joke that their pigs are pork raised by Jews, for Jews. Their first … [Read more…]