Deb Shapiro is a candidate for WSGC Board

Deb Shapiro

I am running for the Willy Street Co-op Board of Directors. I’ve compiled some of the infor I have about myself, scattered all over the web, and placed it here.

I have a Facebook page – it lists that I am a member of the Milwaukee Facebook network, but I live in Madison.

I write a blog: Deb’s Lunch.

I operate a private dining club, that does its best to serve local foods.

My “day job” is librarian – see the Work tab above.

And here is my candidate’s statement for the Board election – this link will take you back to Willy Street’s site, where you can read about all the other candidates, too.

You can email me at

Thanks for visiting!

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One Response to Deb Shapiro is a candidate for WSGC Board

  1. Charley Preusser says:

    deb shapiro is an excellent choice to serve on the willy street co-op board. her previous experience serving on boards and working in cooperatives speaks for itself. she is also very interested and well-versed in food.

    -charley preusser, former union cab co-op board member

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